From the moment students arrive at Kingston Imperial Institute of Medical Science, they get quite a number of help services designed to assist them in settling down in the new world of education. The scholar guide services offer ongoing assistance to all college students.

Wi-Fi Campus

Library facility

Security Services

24X7 Infirmary and First Aid Services


RO Water

To provide comprehensive healthcare to all students, the institution has tie ups with the best Hospitals of Dehradun for consultation, treatment & emergencies 24X7 all throughout the year. Ambulance service is available at nominal charges.

At KIITS we have students from across the nation and beyond, we have rich cultural diversity in our campus, Hostel life is essential part of college life which make students self-dependent, in the process of making new friends student come across students from different states/nation and different perspective which makes him/her a person with better understanding of things and help them grow in life with positive attitude.

Institution offers its students plenty of boarding options with a variety of rooms on campus, with experienced and caring house counselors on board. Students’ day to day life becomes easy and a dream place to study.



Whenever we pay attention to the word ‘fest’, we engross ourselves into the thoughts of attractive lighting, irresistible songs, DJs, and additionally savoring meals. We tend to incline our ideas in the direction of big crowds, competitions, and cultural diversities which absolutely present us with a huge package deal of reminiscences. Interacting with exceptional human beings, seeking to recognize their ideologies and working with them is the crux of every university fest, which in flip provides spice to our revel in. However, this isn’t the handiest yield of a fest. We are able to research plenty of different things whilst immersing ourselves into university Fest activities. One such fest is Rangrezza.

Rangrezza is a 4days annual fest which includes numerous events. Many famed celebrities are invited who take the celebration to a different level. The event included a power- packed performance by many celebrities and students.

Rangrezza includes day and evening events like –

Disco Night

Carnival Fair

Campus Modelling Show

Celebrity Night

Audience witnessed absolute madness and energetic performance as the students attended the presence of international singing sensation Milind Gaba. His performance was cherished & applauded by everyone present there. He electrified the stage with his super-hit songs and made the night memorable for everyone present there.

Techno Jashan

Techno Jashan is graced by many sports competitions among students, intra-college competitions are also organized where other colleges are invited too. Events which are organized are –



Treasure Hunt



Content Writing

Nukkad Natak

Nukkad natak is the event organized under techno jashan where students or a group of students compete with each other to win audience hearts by giving artistic musical, dramatical & Theatrical performances.